La Casita

La Casita is a program of the College of Arts and Sciences, established in 2011 to advance a cultural and educational agenda of civic engagement through arts, media, cultural heritage preservation and research, bridging S.U. with Hispanic communities in Central New York.
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Punto de Contacto (POC)

POC is an independent non-profit organization in residence at Syracuse University since 1975, dedicated to the exploration of diversity through contemporary visual and literary arts, with a focus on Latin America.
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La Casita, in partnership with the National Museum of American History, explores the cultural and historical perspectives of the national sport: "béisbol" in Latino communities.


Boîte-en-Valise encourages transportability of practice, the nurturing of collaboration and cross-fertilization. A collective of international contemporary artists with guest artist Abisay Puentes, bring this project to Point of Contact, on view through Dec. 15, 2017