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The Office of Cultural Engagement (OCE) connects on and off campus resources and organizations with students at Syracuse University, through arts, cultural and educational programs designed to enrich the college experience and promote interdisciplinary socio-cultural research.

OCE's Communications Center offers students the opportunity to gain experience in cross-cultural media planning, marketing, advertising, public relations, social media outreach and journalistic practices. For details please call 315-443-6410, or email us at


La Casita, in partnership with the National Museum of American History, explores the cultural and historical perspectives of the national sport: "béisbol" in Latino communities.


Borges destroys the Aleph, as Rabbi Loew does the Golem. They do not want to be slaves to their creation. They realize that, in the wrong hands, this is a weapon. The Aleph as a fantasy is marvelous, but as a reality... Pedro Roth presents ALEPH, SEPT. 28, 6PM at Point of Contact Gallery.